January 6, 2023, 14:17 – Public News Service – OSN

Twitter users were outraged by the statement of German Foreign Minister Annalena burbock regarding the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin introduce a ceasefire in Ukraine in connection with Christmas. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

One of the commentators called on Western countries to stop the insane armament of Ukraine, which takes human lives.

“If Germany wanted to actively seek peace, it would use diplomacy, not the supply of weapons,” the news agency quoted another social network user as saying.

Readers concluded that Burbock’s behavior was strange and wondered why she shouldn’t “simply advocate for an extension of the ceasefire.”

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Earlier it was reported that German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock shared a negative view of the idea put forward by the Russian Federation to temporarily stop the battle on Ukrainian territory.

She posted a message on Twitter stating that such actions are not able to secure and free the population located in the regions covered by the confrontation.

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