Today the Colombian singer Shakira She is at the peak of her professional career, since with the release of her latest single she has captivated all her followers around the world, the Colombian singer who took advantage of the problem with her ex-partner Gerard Piqué She has known how to take advantage of this through the art that the singer knows how to do best.

A few days ago, the Colombian released her latest hit called “Acrostic” where he involved his two small children, Milan and Sasha, to participate in this new musical project. According to experts, this new project by Shakira was involved in the union of her with her two of her little ones who were protagonists of essential moments of the song. However, although this hit was a success and attracted thousands of followers, the singer is currently facing controversy and that is Internet users are accusing Shakira of plagiarism.

According to the magazine Weeksinger paula mattheus She stated that the song “Acrostico” had a resemblance to one of the songs that she previously published, and that although there were similarities in the sounds of both productions, this singer doubted that Shakira had plagiarized her work. The Spanish singer, Paula, published on social networks that both projects were very similar in melody, so she stressed that perhaps this fact was a coincidence.

This problem was increasing through social networks, since Internet users continue to point out Shakira for plagiarism, but the Spanish woman through this same medium expressed that she was not denouncing the Colombian, she only wanted to emphasize the similarity that existed in the songs of both colleagues.