Satk in the Czech Republic before covid was increasing year by year. In 2019, there were 55 thousand of them. But no one really wanted to go to the ceremonies with the veils for a maximum of ten people. And the dying date of 2022 and the abolition of coronavirus restrictions have changed the situation, and this year it looks like a record number of satk. Don’t stop in many places. Popular days at weddings, ie birds, Saturdays and Sundays, are often booked. Catering chef Ondej Kovanec confirms the extraordinary interest from the entrance: The demand is great. It seems as if people have caught up or are afraid that the opt will be limited in some way. This year we have contracted about 30 percent of weddings, not usually, k.

Experts recommend a wedding organization and 12 msc in advance. This is a big time ahead of this year, there are a lot of cities in two places.

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