Singer Marie Rottrov (80) will be all about my general problems. Even though the elderly claim that social events are only for the young, the insights of Czech show business are misleading. Instagram failed, before that a lot of things from private and launched ads.

Favorite singer Maruka Rottrov is the star of Instagram for some time. And two enough for the young influencers, who do not have the necessary life experience and dedication to be able to attract, just like Marie.

It shows that socials do not have to be generic. Even though she gritted her fingernails at first, she broke the internet and don’t be afraid to show everything that she was private for two years.

And how does it work on Instagram, when the profile is fun and free, which people enjoy, so does the cooperation. With its 18,000, it got into the sights of various companies that would be happy if the singer presented them to them.

Two photos a lot of his private.

She also started promoting various things.

In the meantime, she relaxed in support of a restaurant and an artist, who drew a picture for her. Somewhere must. She probably understood that it was not only a good advertisement, but also a great beer if she ever repeated a situation like with covid-19, when she could not perform.

And most importantly, it proves that whenever old people want, they know how to understand technology and progress.