We are in the digital age, where the best way to generate income is through the social media, where hundreds of people have made a viral image, which is exploited through campaigns with different brands or directly from the platform as it is tiktok.

tiktok won its massive popularity 3 years ago, coming to entertain thousands right in the middle of a global pandemic, making content consumption extreme requiring more generators and influencers.

From platforms like tiktok, celebrities have come out like Charlie D’Amelio, who quickly became the most followed user of the platform, surpassing 100 million followers. Currently, the singer already has millions of dollars thanks to the monetization of the platform, which is restricted to only working in certain countries.

It was precisely through the aforementioned platform that the user paranordan shared a video where she is shown with a surprised face and holding her phone, what is seen on the screen is the Balance Sheet of the most famous platform for selling exclusive content.

The comments quickly came as it shows that in a matter of hours or so he was able to win $500, making people comment on their disagreement and at the same time, interest in how he did it.

Currently the influencer’s video paranordan It has more than 1.5 million views on its main account and more than half a million on another which it shares as paranoglamm and up.