The Spanish royal family It has also been involved in several controversies in recent weeks, mainly at the hands of the young princess eleanor and her alleged romance with the soccer player Gavi. But now, the protagonist of this big problem would be her younger sister, the infanta Sofia, that she would be making a decision that would hurt her sister in many dimensions.

Although the Princess of Asturias is currently the most popular Spanish royal in the social media, her younger sister has been gaining a lot of attention from journalists, thanks to the next decisions that the young woman could make.

And it is said that the young woman would be considering wanting to study at the same school as Eleanor, something that according to the press, would not suit the monarchy at all, much less the princess of Asturias.

As the Spanish press has pointed out, in the event that the Infanta Sofía chooses to go to study at the same school where Leonor is currently studying, it would cause some problems for the Spanish crown in terms of image and popularity.

the diaries of iberian country They affirm that Princess Leonor has had greater visibility in their institution, so if Sofia were to enter the same school, that could change forever.

In this way, the Real home she would see how the cameras and the public eye would focus more on the second, since she would outshine her sister for a variety of reasons that go from her great personality, to her interests, tastes, ways of thinking and other factors that clearly distinguish her of the Princess Eleanor.

And as we already know, Eleanor He is the member of the Spanish royalty that stands out the most in the networks and all the media.