The media circle that has been generated within the Spanish royal family with the princess eleanor and the infant sofia in recent months is really worth admiring, since the figure of the two youngest daughters of the King Felipe VI of Spain, they are facing what the future holds. And this is how a certain degree of rivalry between the two has grown, where the media struggle to know which of the two will be the Princess that will mark an entire generation in the monarchy.

Since the middle ‘The Spanish’ reported a few days ago that the Infanta Sofía would have the intention of following in the footsteps of her sister Princess Leonor by wanting to study at the same school that she studies, a series of theories began to be generated that point to a series of possible problems that This decision could generate

According to what several journalists affirm, if Sofía decides to go to the same school as the Princess of Asturias, This would be causing a popularity clash between the two.

And with that, she could be overshadowing the status that her older sister has at the moment, which has increased overwhelmingly since rumors spread that she would have an affair with the young soccer player. Gavi.

what the Spanish crown The least I would like is for a war to start between the two sisters, and with it a rivalry worthy of comparison with the one that exists at the moment in the British royal family. This would damage the image of the Spanish royal family, which has lost much popularity in the last ten years.

What is true at this time is that the Princess Eleanor She is much more popular, but this can change dramatically if her sister starts to catch up with her. Something that the Princess of Asturias.

And you, do you think there will be a future rivalry between the daughters of the King of Spain?