the health of the infant sofia, youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Spain, worries the royal family and society in general. Over the past few months, the young woman has suffered drastic weight loss and a noticeable decrease in energy. The princess has always been an example of strength and joy, so these changes in her health have been cause for concern.

Sources close to the royal family have revealed that the infant sofia must control her stress and lead a healthier lifestyle, the young woman’s diet has changed based on what she thinks she needs each day, but she has chosen to eat small portions throughout the day instead of large meals with less frequency.

On the other hand, concern has also been raised about the thinness of the Queen Letizia, who has always stayed in shape thanks to his continuous training. However, in recent times, his appearance has not been so healthy, which has led doctors to question his state of health.

The Spanish royal family has long been a model of a happy and exemplary family. With Felipe and Letizia at the helm, they have been the prototype of what a typical family should be like, unlike previous kings, who were involved in corruption scandals and infidelities, while the current ones have maintained an impeccable profile.