According to them, the new set of 137 maps according to various criteria and portals in the data that will be updated will allow the ministry to monitor them and set region-specific measures to improve them.

Thanks to the visualization in space, I can clearly observe the different performances of individual districts, for example, the loss of differences between those who come from different family conditions, said Gazdk.

According to Zatloukal, regional inequalities are very strong in the Czech education system, and problems in education often accumulate with the socio-economic. According to him, the example is a comparison of maps of educational results, maps evaluating the communication of parents with bicycles and the intensity of risky breeding with a map of executions.

If we cover these three maps by themselves, they will be very similar, so we have regions where problems accumulate. It is strong information on how to channel support to these regions. On the one hand, personal, financial, but so methodical, Zatloukal explained.

The districts of the Karlovy Vary region, the border districts of the Steck region, but also the districts of Tachov, Znojmo, Jesenk and Karvin.

The Stedoesk region is not doing well either

On the other hand, we see that in some structurally affected regions they are similar to districts in rich regions such as Stedoesk, Jihomoravsk, Jihoesk or Vysoina, he added. For example, in some districts of the Moravian-Silesian Region, according to him, other adverse effects are dying.

The district of Jesenk belongs among the areas with the highest number of unskilled workers in pre-school education, but more than half of the district of Stedoeskho region and sawtil districts of Plzeskho region. According to Zatloukal, the first education before boarding the storage wheel has a major impact on the future of children.

If the child is more than one year in preschool education, they have a double probability of back education in primary school, the inspector said. In some districts, the mother’s school is also visited by five other places than elsewhere, the lowest level is in the districts of Most, Chomutov or St nad Labem.

In particular, I give birth to help with the map of the lower districts of individual rounds, which is thus part of the website. In addition to the information under which each municipality and street falls, there is public information entered through the wheel, such as a general education program, school or other details. The first to be inspected is the first of the inspections in schools.