Car owners who plan to make some transactions or enter into contracts want to know the exact value of their property. However, due to the fact that the car is not new, has been in operation and has gone through repairs or restyling, it will not be possible to compare the price for it with the price tag for a new similar model. After all, the cost depends on many factors:

● state;
● technical specifications;
● aesthetics;
● demand for transport;
● market situation;
● individual features.

At a minimum, an independent review will be required: car valuation (18+) will be performed by specialists who are guided by specific standards and are ready to analyze and monitor the market in order to form their own objective opinion on the cost of a particular model.

Who needs an independent car appraisal

The following cases may serve as a reason to turn to experts:
● a person plans to buy a car, but doubts the relevance of the announced price, so he wants to know the real cost of the car;
● a person plans to sell his own car, but cannot decide on the price;
● the owner wants to take out a loan with collateral;
● the owner needs to make adjustments to customs fees;
● the person plans to dispose of the car due to its deterioration;
● the car owner wants to contribute his share in the authorized capital of the enterprise;
● a person has faced bankruptcy and wants to sell a car to pay off debts;
● a person received a car as a gift and wants to register it;
● The owner has been involved in an accident and wants compensation from the insurance company.

It is important to order an independent examination, since interested parties, for example, an insurance company, when assessing a car and damage, are interested in reducing the real cost by 30-50%.

Requirements for a company that will perform an independent examination

Since there are several companies on the market that provide such services, it is important to choose one that is trustworthy. An example is the Ural Chamber of Forensic Examination.

The main principles of work of independent experts:
● objectivity;
● honesty;
● professionalism;
● observance of professional ethics.

The results of a car valuation can be used not only for personal use, but also as evidence in court or in the investigation, when drawing up documents at a notary public and when agreeing on controversial issues with an insurance company.

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