The project is not only the repair of the city itself, the canyons and the restoration of greenery. The Marino Plague Column will also undergo a complete restoration repair. His one statue is finished from the past, they are left in poor condition and need to be restored.

Two subsidies should be opened this year to support the reconstruction of public spaces. If we do, the building will not be damaged, Mayor Volyn Martin said in June. We will now process the tender documentation for the contractor. So Jet doesn’t know exactly how much the event will cost, he admitted.

Estimated costs are around 30 million crowns. Without the subsidy, the city would not be able to afford such an amount. When we get some support, we leave the pension. We know that gossip needs gossip. But if we do not reach the subsidy, we will not be able to finance the entire stock, he warned.

The city management assumes that it would take place in one stage. Construction should take about a year. Plague Column Restoration for two and three years.

The final appearance of the city gradually took place through an architectural competition in 2015 and after the current phase of preparation projects, the mayor described. During that time, there were several discussions about its appearance.

The first was an architect from the competition. He added during the elaboration of the new proposal, during the presentation of the project for construction and the last arrest of the ordinary during the debate over the end of the space, he named in June.

The architect Luk Velek, who works on it, also presented the project at the last change. According to ne five years, the repairs are far from over. It is a public space, a number of people rightly comment on its appearance. It is therefore important not to lose death, said Velek.

The overall distribution of the city is precisely determined by the plague column and the main busy road. In the future, however, sweat with a bypass, which should calm traffic in the center. It’s a long way to go.

The materials that the architect wants to build handcuffs are also clear. It is a solid log, wood and steel. The greenery also varies. According to Velká, this is a less popular step, but it is necessary in this case. In addition, the planted trees will be more attractive and of better quality. So the people don’t have to worry about greening.