The unveiled statue was one of the midpoints of the weekend’s 665th Czech season in Karlovy Vary. The act itself saw hundreds of city and city officials.

With a height of six meters, the statue became the dominant feature of the Theater City Hall. It is the most massive, not the largest statue I have ever designed, said by the author Michal Gabriel. Basically, according to him, these are two statues. The steel pedestal is therefore an integral part. To evoke the traditional view of the equestrian monument, but in some noise it changes into a whole, the statue explained. Thanks to the use of steel slats, there is a pedestal in one of the main transparent rooms, which opens up a view of surprises in the form of the St. Wenceslas crown, which is hidden in the plinth.

Making a unique sculpture for the millennium, as many as last, was not easy. It was established in the long-term Trutnov company Kasper Kovo. I spent a lot of time with the manufacturers, Hard Gabriel. If we started making it right after the public competition, we would probably get into trouble, we wouldn’t be able to deal with them, the artist admitted. But due to the fact that several Trutnov statues based on the principle of steel slats were created in Trutnov in the meantime, it was possible to gain technical experience, which the manufacturer used first for the equestrian statue of Charles IV. That is why the statue is now very light, not the original premise. In its interior, due to the first experience, a cavity was created, which was not in the original fillings.

The idea for the creation of the statue is from 2016, when the whole of Europe commemorated the 700th birth of Charles IV. We did not want the whole project to be based only on a group of people who would realize its creation. Our change was that it was a statue of all of Karlovy Vary, stated the president of the Karlovy Vary Rotary Club, Ji Harastej.

This death crystallized into a transparent one on which all those who wanted to write could write. Cl pick eight million crowns is close. At this point, about 500 or 600 thousand errors to cover all the costs associated with the preparation of the project and the production of the statue. Let’s let it open for a while, Harastej said. 24. A plaque with the names of the most important crushes will appear on the back of the steel base.

The owner of the statue will actually be the city of Karlovy Vary. In this spirit, we signed a contract with the Rotary Club, confirmed the mayor of Karlovch Var Andrea Pfeffer Ferklov.