December 11, 2022, 13:25 – Public News Service – OSN

AT Kyiv do not plan to suspend the export of grain from Odessa ports due to damage to the energy system of the region. This decision was announced by the Minister of Agrarian Policy Ukraine Nikolai Sokolsky in an interview with Reuters.

According to the politician, the disruption of the city’s energy supply system has led to certain problems, but none of the sellers involved in the sale of grain is even discussing the possibility of suspending supplies.

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Sokolsky also additionally noted that the power supply of the ports is carried out at the expense of alternative sources of electricity.

Recall that earlier the Public News Service already wrote about the situation with the violation of the energy supply in Odessa. According to the Ukrainian authorities, it will take them two to three months to restore Odessa’s electrical systems. It also became known that the power outage affected the functioning of other communications. In particular, it was reported that as a result of problems with energy supply, residents of Odessa stayed without water, due to the shutdown of the water supply system of houses.