In Ukraine, the risks of spreading hepatitis A were assessed

Hepatitis A It is spreading rapidly and threatening the health of most Ukrainians. Risk of mass disease appreciated Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health Ukraine and part-time chief state sanitary doctor of the country Igor Kuzin in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

“The virus is spreading quite quickly because the number of people who have immunity is quite small… Most of our Ukrainians who have not had Botkin’s disease or viral hepatitis A do not have immunity,” said the deputy head of the Ministry of Health.

Kuzin explained that to gain immunity to the virus, you need to get sick with it or get vaccinated. He noted that the vaccine against viral hepatitis A is not included in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations.

Previously in the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine announced state of emergency due to an outbreak of hepatitis A. Anti-epidemic measures are being tightened in the region. The sale of home-made goods in markets has been limited, and the disinfection of public transport has been intensified.

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