In Ukraine, Soviet air defense systems were converted to use American missiles

Air Force Representative Ukraine Yuri Ignat announced the transfer of Soviet anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) to American shells. Colonel about this reported in an interview with New Voice.

According to the serviceman, the systems adapted for American missiles have successfully proven themselves during tests at test sites in USA. He also explained that ammunition suitable for the Buk-M1 is manufactured only on the territory of Russia.

“We need to look for steps, ways, such as crossing the Soviet with the American,” explained the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force.

In addition, Ignat emphasized that Ukraine needs not only Buks converted to American shells, but also HAWK systems. According to him, despite their obsolescence, after modernization they show their effectiveness.

Previously Yuri Ignat reportedthat Ukraine has begun training pilots F-16 in the air. According to a representative of the Ukrainian Air Force, their preparations are proceeding according to plan.

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