This will be the way the prince william pay homage to his father King Charles III at the next coronation to be held on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

After the death of the Queen isabel II the person who came in charge of the succession as the next monarch of the United Kingdom was his son King Carlos III, therefore also his wife the queen Camilla ParkerFor this reason, for a few months everything has been preparing for the happy coronation that will take place on May 6, where in front of the entire royal family they will be able to see the new kings consecrated, blessed and anointed.

And although much had been said on the subject, it is possible to affirm that the prince harry He will attend despite all the inconveniences he has had with his family, and likewise Prince William, who will play an important role in the entire event.

In the middle of the ceremony, Prince William of 40 years, he will kneel before his father of 74 yearsand you shall place both his hands next to the hands of his father and will say: «I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge allegiance to you and faith and truth will give you, as your lord man of life and member, so help me God».

These words have been called the Royal Blood Tribute, and are performed in very important ceremonies, such as the vow made by the prince philipto his wife, Queen Elizabeth II when he also promised to be “lord of life.”

For his part, Prince Harry, who has not belonged to the British crown for several years because he resigned from his position, will be sitting in row ten of the guests according to rumors, so he will not have any considerable participation in of the event itself.