the princess of wales, Kate Middletonhas made a public appearance on the Oxford House Nursingdemonstrating her confidence and self-assurance despite rumors of her husband’s infidelity, the prince william.

While the celebration was Shrove Tuesday, Kate Middleton he joined the nurses and kitchen staff, demonstrating his culinary skills and having a good time with everyone present.

These rumors of infidelity on the part of the prince william first surfaced in 2019, but intensified recently when British newspapers claimed that William had been seen dining with rose hunbury in a London restaurant. Despite this, the Princess of Wales has chosen to maintain a calm and controlled appearance, showing no signs of sadness or concern.

A florist friend of Kate’s revealed to “the sun” that the princess was disappointed and sad that she did not receive gifts or attention from her husband on Valentine’s Day. However, Kate seems to have chosen to carry on with her public life as if nothing was happening.

The royal family has chosen not to talk about the issue and go ahead with their public commitments, hoping that another scandal or more shocking news could divert public attention.

Although the situation is difficult for Kate Middletonseems to be trying to maintain a positive and self-assured appearance at all times.