jungkook of bts recently made global headlines after becoming the Qatar World Cup opening actmaking history and becoming the first korean artist in opening the aforementioned event and it has become a topic of conversation worldwide.

As expected, the performance of jungkook captivated netizens all over the world and amazed them with his spectacular performance, which is historic in many ways.

After the presentation, the artist made a live broadcast on Weverse to share with his followers, so the agenda of jungkook He did not seem to stop, moments after the end of the transmission he was seen leaving the hotel heading to the airport to return to Korea.

As soon as the images came out, the media and fans rushed to attend the Gimpo Airport to see the idol returning from his historic performance, for this reason a large crowd of people was expected at the Airport.

The Korean media started a non-stop live broadcast for as long as possible so as not to miss anything.

jungkook he was greeted with warm applause as soon as he walked through the door, despite his busy schedule, the artist took the time to share with everyone who was present.

When jungkook He walked out the door, he could be seen very impressed by the number of people who were in the place and he immediately began to bow to everyone in thanks, there was also a moment when he unbuttoned his sweater to reveal the shirt that was on it. Korea team had given him.

Jk revived the epic gesture that he made when going to Qatar a few days ago, when before entering the airport he makes the gesture of kicking a ball and looking at the horizon, the same gesture he made when entering Korea, after that he made a He bowed and waved to the fans before heading to the car, even turning and taking a few steps back, making sure not to turn his back on the fans or the cameras.

As soon as the car moved, jungkook He opened the window and continued to greet the people present.