On Saturday afternoon, firefighters rescued a buried worker on a construction site near Holubice in the Vyškov region. (May 7, 2022)
| photo: HZS Jihomoravského kraje

“It simply came to our notice then. We had a ground crew and an air rescue helicopter on site. We treated the young man, he was conscious. The injuries were rather mild, but the mechanism of the injury was severe, which generated a potential further serious condition. We transported him to the Brno trauma center for an emergency reception, “said Michaela Bothová, regional spokeswoman for the rescue service.

Firefighters sent five professional units to the scene. At the time of their arrival, the man was in a four-meter-deep excavation and was covered with the surrounding soil so that he could not be seen.

“With the help of engineering tools, the firefighters rescued the young worker from the excavation within half an hour and handed it over to the rescue service for treatment,” said firefighter spokesman Filip Venclovský.