In the village of Gorodets, Spassky district, the quest “For the Victory” was held

The regional historical and patriotic quest “ZA Victory”, dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was held on May 13 at the Gorodets patriotic facility. It was attended by teams from the Spasskaya, Izhevsk, Starokistrusskaya schools, the Spasskaya Gymnasium and the Polytechnic.

The guys were tested at the stations “Counterintelligence”, “Front Mail”, “Spies”, “Medical Unit”, “School”, “Letter from the Front”. On each of them they performed tasks: they collected popular expressions from letters; answered questions about the key events of the Great Patriotic War; rendered first aid to the wounded, wrote letters to relatives from the front, and solved military codes.

After passing the tests of the quest, its organizers, and they were the youth policy sector of the education department and the volunteering resource center of the Spassky district, fed the participants with a dinner cooked on a fire.

At the final formation, the teams received letters of thanks for their active participation in the quest.

Elena Batova, head of the youth policy sector:

“We have celebrated the 77th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War. For our country, this date is filled with special meaning. This is the memory of the war hard times. In the vast country then there was not a single family left that did not suffer bitter losses. And it is no coincidence that the regional historical and patriotic quest, which was called “To Berlin!”, This year was called “ZA Victory”. Now the word “Victory” sounds special. Thanks to the tasks that the participants performed at the stations, and the venue itself, the students plunged into the atmosphere of wartime, faced with everyday situations close to the war period. Thanks to the volunteers of the resource center – the activists of the Spassk school, gymnasium and polytechnic, who played the beginning and the whole course of the quest in an interesting way.