In the USA they spoke about the successes of the Russian army in the Northern Military District zone

The Russian military destroyed the “three armies” of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) in the zone of a special military operation (SVO). A former Marine of the Armed Forces spoke about this USA Brian Berletic on his own YouTube-channel.

Berletik believes that Ukraine does not have enough time to train troops to staff the brigades and equipment coming from the West. “This will be the fourth army that the collective West is moving to Ukraine,” the expert marvels. At the same time, the “three armies” were completely defeated by the Armed Forces RF. Moreover, one of them was precisely during the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Ex-marine questions the need Kyiv gather new troops. After all, over time, in his opinion, the Russian army is only becoming stronger and more powerful.

Formerly Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Kisil told about the shortage of military personnel in the Ukrainian army.

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