In the USA they speculated about the arrogant Zelensky with absurd requests

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky became so confident in his exceptional role in the world that he moved from requests to brazen demands from the West for weapons and money. About this YouTube channel Dialogue Works told ex-army intelligence officer USA Scott Ritter.

“At the end of the summer, he no longer asked for something, but dictated conditions. His demands became so absurd that Time called him a “messiah character” with a delusional sense of grandeur,” Ritter said.

In turn, the former expert Pentagon David Pine compared Zelensky with a spoiled child. He noted that constant demands for help for Ukraine are alienating Western allies. “He always doesn’t have enough of what is supplied to Ukraine. He’s incredibly ungrateful. He alienated his main allies in the West,” the analyst said.

Formerly Minister of Foreign Affairs Russia Sergey Lavrov during a conversation statedthat the West is tired of Zelensky. “Well, of course, I got everyone,” he said.

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