In the US, they talked about the impact of the conflict in Texas on Biden’s positions

Conflict between Texas authorities and the government in Washington According to the migration crisis, “sooner or later” will be resolved. However, the situation could significantly harm the American leader Joe Biden ahead of the presidential elections in USAtold RIA News ex-adviser on the bilateral Russian-American presidential commission under State Department James Carden.

“I think politically this could hurt Biden in an election year,” he said.

However, he said he expects the situation in Texas to resolve “sooner or later.”

For several days now, the confrontation between the state National Guard and the federal border service has been ongoing in Texas. The latter were supposed to dismantle the barriers and barbed wire on the border with Mexicobut the local National Guardsmen do not allow them to do this.

In Texas, they believe that the federal authorities are not helping in any way to cope with the influx of illegal migrants, so they have to take the initiative into their own hands.

25 Republican governors, as well as the former President of the United States, spoke out in support of the Texans’ action Donald Trump.

Previously senator from rebellious Texas Ted Cruz statedthat US President Joe Biden is not intentionally fighting illegal migration.

According to him, while Biden has been in the White House, almost 10 million illegal migrants have entered the country.

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