In the United States, they talked about Putin’s steps that shook the American world order

Recent steps by the Russian President Vladimir Putin the built one was shaken USA world order, primarily due to the decision to withdraw from the treaty on nuclear test sites, stated American journalist Clayton Morris on the air of the Redacted News program.

“Putin took truly stunning steps that took the West by surprise and really showed that the global world order, led by the United States, is collapsing before our eyes,” he said.

Morris pointed to the law signed by the Russian leader to revoke ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), as well as the development of trade between Russia and Asia, shifting the focus from Western countries. The journalist cited the meeting of the head of state with the chairman as evidence of this China Xi Jinping.

Previously, the head of the Northern Command of the US Armed Forces, General Glen Vanherk toldwhat is currently Washington does not see Russia as a direct threat to its security.

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