December 17, 2022, 13:13 – Public News Service – OSN

Ministry of Energy USA decided to cancel the ban on access to classified data that had previously been in force for the creator of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer. The lifting of the ban is reported on the official website of the US Department.

It is clarified that the decision to close Oppenheimer’s access to classified data was made back in 1954, in connection with suspicions of disloyalty on the part of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Since the physicist himself is long dead, lifting the ban on his access to classified data is more a tribute than a pragmatic decision. The agency said in a statement that despite the false accusations, it was proven that Oppenheimer remained loyal and loyal to the cause of his country.

Earlier it became known about how they are moving forward filming feature film Oppenheimer. Film director Christopher Nolan talked about the process of recreating nuclear weapons tests without the use of graphics. According to him, the result was achieved thanks to the work of the film crew. The director described the film as one of the main works of his entire career.