For three months of 2022, 132 counterfeit banknotes were found in the banking system of the Sverdlovsk region. This is 40% less than in the same period last year. The most popular bill among counterfeiters is 5,000 rubles.

According to the Urals Department of the Central Bank of Russia, in the first quarter, the economic damage from the circulation of fakes amounted to 570 thousand rubles. Most often counterfeit banknotes of large denominations. Of the 132 seized fakes – 108 five-thousandth, 15 thousandth and seven two-thousandth banknotes.

“All counterfeit 2000 banknotes identified in the first quarter were made on a color printer using holographic stickers. Counterfeiters fail to convincingly counterfeit modern security features. For example, optically variable elements shine, but when the banknote is tilted, they remain motionless, the protective “diving” thread is reproduced in the form of fragments, the colors are applied unevenly,” says Natalia Zavyalova, an expert at the Ural State Bank of Russia.

You can find out the signs of the authenticity of Russian money and even train to distinguish them using mobile application Banknotes of the Bank of Russia.

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