Participants of the Great Patriotic War and siege survivors congratulated on Victory Day in Spassky District

In Spassk, a deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma, Sergei Grishkov, together with the leadership of the district and the city, came to the veterans with congratulations from the President of the Russian Federation and from the Governor of the Ryazan Region, with flowers and gifts.

Member of the Great Patriotic War Mikhail Alexandrovich Ugadchikov fought at the front with the rank of lieutenant, commanded a platoon, was wounded.

“Because of a shell shock at the front, I can’t hear well, and my eyes can’t see well,” says the veteran, who, at the age of 99, welcomes guests at his home. Today is a great day for all of us! Happy Victory Day! – bravo congratulations Mikhail Alexandrovich and tells how after the war he worked in Tselina and how he has been engaged in beekeeping all his life, and is still engaged in beekeeping.

They congratulated Raisa Fedorovna Sysoikina, who took direction finding enemy aircraft during the war years, Vladimir Ilyich Kulishov, who was wounded by shrapnel during the war, and Roza Konstantinovna Eremina, who studied as a radio operator during the war, on Victory Day.

“May God give you the best, thank you for not forgetting,” says Rosa Konstantinovna.

“We have no right to forget you, we live thanks to you,” Olga Venevtseva, head of the Spassky District, addressed the veteran. – There would be no Victory, and peace, and we would not exist. Thank you and low bow!”

Evdokia Ivanovna Kalyukina survived the blockade, she is a native of the village of Kutukovo, but now lives in Spassk. She also congratulated all the guests on Victory Day.

“In fact, I am very sorry that we rarely come to congratulate veterans, because they deserve our attention every day, every hour,” says the head of the district administration Igor Tishin. – I sincerely tell everyone that they and their relatives can contact at any time, if there is any need, we are always ready to help. And, of course, when visiting veterans, we experience feelings of pride and gratitude that are with us every day, which allow us to feel our involvement in that Great Victory, that connection of generations that lives in us.”

Participants in the war Zoya Ivanovna Selyanskaya, Nikolai Fedorovich Ulyanov, Anatoly Ivanovich Yegorkin, Nikolai Georgievich Fedotov, as well as survivors of the blockade Yuri Ivanovich Averkin, Nina Andreyanovna Sudovykh, Oleg Vasilyevich Epishkin and Zinaida Maksimovna Fedorina were also personally congratulated on Victory Day by the deputy heads of the district administration and heads of settlements .

Sergei Grishkov, deputy of the Ryazan Regional Duma:

“From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate our veterans on Victory Day – great heroes who experienced such hardships, survived the war, restored the country from the ruins. Today we congratulate our dear veterans, each of whom is already over 95! A low bow from all of us, grateful descendants. We will do everything to continue their work, to keep the peace, to defend our Motherland. Fascism will not pass, we will win!”