In the Sasovsky district, more than five thousand hectares of fallow land were returned to crop rotation

In the farms of the Sasovsky district, as of May 7, almost half of the sown areas allocated for spring crops were sown.

According to Roman Marochkin, Head of the Department of Agriculture, the total area of ​​arable land is 51,000 hectares. Over the past two years, 5.3 thousand hectares of fallow lands have been returned to crop rotation. This year alone, the increase was 2.7 thousand hectares.

Wheat is the leader among grain crops. A significant wedge is occupied by barley, peas, lentils, oil crops. Started sowing sugar beets.

Roman Marochkin:

“Spring field work is proceeding at a good pace. Farmers know that one spring day feeds the year. In addition, top dressing of winter crops is being completed on an area of ​​12,000 hectares (98%). Fall and winter crops are being harrowed; in total, 25.9 thousand hectares have been harrowed. Farms are provided with fully conditioned seeds, sowing is carried out with the application of mineral fertilizers. There are no interruptions in fuel and lubricants.”