In the Sarajevo region, about 150 people participated in the cross-country track and field

On May 12, the municipal stage of the regional summer festival of the GTO sports and recreation complex in Saray opened with an athletics cross-country race, in which about 150 people participated.

Schoolchildren and students of Sarajevo College aged from 6 to 18 ran in the cross country at a distance of 1 and 2 kilometers.

“This is my first time participating in such a race, and I really want to win,” said fourth-grader Nastya Yanina from the Muravlyanskaya school. “I prepared for the cross-country, of course, I trained, but I will try to do my best at the distance.”

There are many beginners among the cross-country participants, but there are also many who have some experience in running at a distance. It was these participants who skillfully distributed their forces, and therefore came to the finish line first.

The cross-country winners were: Kirill Lichinin, Kristina Gazaryan, Danila Malyshev, Lyubov Shoeva, Dmitry Rakitin, Natalya Saprykina, Nikolai Retyunsky, Marina Chernyshova.

Another 16 people took second and third places.