In the same ranks with the Immortal Regiment, ships passed on May 9

After a two-year break, the shipmen again marched through the streets of the city in the Immortal Regiment column, carrying in their hands portraits of their relatives, participants in the Great Patriotic War. A rally took place on Victory Square. The head of the district administration Nina Obedkova congratulated the audience on the holiday. She said:

“Bitterness fills our hearts when we remember those who fell on the fronts, died in concentration camps, died of hunger and cold in the rear. Blessed memory of those who won peace and freedom for us. We bow low to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who defeated fascism, who at this moment are defending the peaceful sky above their heads in a special operation in Ukraine. Today we walked shoulder to shoulder in the column of the Immortal Regiment. And as long as we are united, as long as we pass on the memory of the Great Patriotic War from generation to generation as a shrine, we are invincible.”

Vladimir Samokhvalov, head of the Main Directorate for Control and Combating Corruption in the Ryazan Region, head of the city administration Vyacheslav Ermakov, and director of the Agricultural Technology College Petr Temyashov congratulated the shipowners on Victory Day.

Litiya for the dead was made by the dean of the Korablinsky district, father Evgeny.

Those present honored the memory of the fallen with a moment of silence. Flowers were laid at the Eternal Flame.

11,608 natives of the region fought on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. Of these, 13 became Heroes of the Soviet Union, 2 – full cavaliers of the Order of Glory. More than 8,000 did not return home from the battlefields.