In the Rybnovsky district, at the Feast of the First Furrow, they showed how they sowed in the old days

On May 14, in the village of Bagramovo, Rybnovsky district, a holiday of traditional folk culture “The Feast of the First Furrow” was held. This year it was dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Darya Garmash brigade in the All-Union Socialist Competition.

The holiday began with a theatrical performance “It’s my furrow, furrow” near the building of the village administration. Then the guests lined up in a column and went to the field with songs and ditties. They carried the main attribute of the holiday – a plow, which is popularly called “Sokha Andreevna”.

Employees of the Museum of Defense and Logistics told those gathered near the field about the traditions of sowing grain crops in the Ryazan region.

Before the start of the sowing, according to tradition, the guests of honor were given cookies in the form of larks, in one of which they hid a coin “for good luck”.

The male sowers changed into shirts and boots and took baskets of grain. Labor in the field, according to Russian custom, was blessed. Sowing began: with one hand, the men scooped up grain from a basket and evenly scattered it over the field. After work, the honorary sowers were treated to a pie.

The celebration continued with performances by vocal ensembles and soloists from the Rybnovsky District and the Moscow Region.

An agricultural fair, an exhibition of agricultural machinery worked for the guests. There were also domestic animals on it – sheep, rabbits, chickens, which could be stroked.

Children and adults participated with interest in various master classes, folk games and fun.

The best mechanics of farms in the region were awarded at the festival. According to the results of the work, the machine operators of the SPK Novoselki Evgeny Zhigan, APK Rus Sergey Koshelev and Monastyrsky Dvor LLC Dmitry Gordeev became the best.