A memorial plaque in honor of a participant in a special military operation was opened in the Ryazan region

On August 1, a rally was held in the village of Aleksandrovo dedicated to the opening of a memorial plaque in honor of a local native, Viktor Panfilov. He died heroically during a special military operation on May 11. Viktor Panfilov was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage posthumously. The tablet was placed on the wall of the school where Panfilov studied from 1995 to 2005.

The opening was attended by members of the officer’s family – mother Elena Nikolaevna Panfilova, father Vladimir Viktorovich Panfilov, wife Olga and little daughter Sofia.

“I associate this memorial plaque not only with my son, but also with those thousands who are now defending our state. History repeats itself. Our fathers and grandfathers in 1941-1945 strangled the Nazi reptile, and now grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue their work. Someday the boys will come home. And our task is to support them, to provide them with all possible assistance,” Vladimir Viktorovich addressed the audience.

“Vitya was always very cheerful,” recalls the officer’s classmate Tatyana Chugreeva. He loved his country very much and was a true patriot. He was raised like this by his mom and dad. He was always ready to stand up for us, for the whole class. That’s why he went into military service to protect us. I always wanted to be in the military like my father. At the same time, Vitya was very cheerful, a ringleader. And the youngest in the class. And so, it so happened that he died before everyone else … “

“Such grief, it’s just impossible to speak. But the memory will remain forever. He was a kind, decent man, a very diligent and persistent student. I tried to be the first in everything, I never refused to help, ”says math teacher Valentina Mezhevyh.

The guests of honor were the head of the administration of the Ryazan region Natalya Zhuneva, the military commissar of the Ryazan and Spassky regions Andrey Zubarev and the chairman of the public organization “Serving the Fatherland”, reserve colonel Alexander Mirzoyan. The rally was attended by relatives and friends of the deceased officer, classmates, fellow villagers, teachers.