Chilled beef meat containing Diclofenac was found on sale in the Rostov region. This was reported by the press service of the regional reference center of Rosselkhoznadzor.

For laboratory studies, the sample was delivered to the testing center. Specialists of the sector of toxicological types of tests found “Diclofenac” in it. The presence of this non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is not allowed by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On Food Safety”.

The drug is used to treat cattle. But its presence is not allowed in meat products supplied for sale to the population. Therefore, it is constantly monitored by supervisory authorities.

  • Receiving this non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent with livestock products, even in small quantities, the population may face health problems, the report says.

Information on the identification of deviations from regulatory documents was promptly sent to the Rosselkhoznadzor department. The department did not name the manufacturer of the products.

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