Yesterday, June 19, in the Rostov region, the driver of an ambulance transporting a patient knocked down a 19-year-old guy at a pedestrian crossing.

As reported in the propaganda department of the UGIBDD in the Rostov region, the accident happened at 20-20 in Rostov on Taganrogskaya Street. According to preliminary information, the 61-year-old driver of the Ford Transit Van was driving with working flashing beacons and an audible signal. At a regulated pedestrian crossing, he knocked down a 19-year-old guy who was crossing the carriageway at a traffic light permitting signal in headphones.

The pedestrian was injured as a result of the accident. The police are establishing all the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier we said that on the Don motorcyclist hit two girls at the transition.

Photo UGIBDD in the Rostov region