From January 1, 2023, the amount of basic payments, in particular benefits for children and pensioners, will increase. Another part of the social support measures will be launched later.


Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics of the PRUE G.V. Plekhanova Olga Lebedinskaya in a conversation with the Prime columnist told about the changes that Russians should expect in the new year. She noted that from January 1, there will be an increase in pensions for non-working pensioners by 4.8%, on average, this figure will be 21,864 rubles.

In addition, a universal allowance for low-income families with children under 17 and pregnant women will appear in the same month. It will combine all available payments and simplify the application process. The allowance will vary from 50% to 100% of the living wage depending on the financial situation of the applicants. The new support measure will expand the circle of recipients of the payment and increase targeting, in particular, the new allowance will be available for the third child.

It is noted that the assessment of the need of citizens will be carried out on the basis of types of income: pensions, entrepreneurship, labor activity, fees, scholarships, alimony and others. It is clarified that those who are not working without good reason will be denied benefits. Income must be shown in at least 1 of the 12 months prior to the month of application.

GPC executors will also be able to receive sick leave, maternity, children’s and funeral benefits starting from January of the new year.

Simplification of the mechanism for submitting and extending payments will affect citizens who have received a disability due to the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. From 2023, the receipt of benefits will be proactive, that is, the applicant will no longer need to submit documents. The departments will make payments based on the information already available.

The second month of the year will also bring with it a number of positive changes, including an increase in maternity capital. For the birth of the first child, parents will receive 524.5 thousand rubles, for the second – 693.1 thousand rubles. According to Lebedinskaya, in February, changes may be made regarding the amount of the allowance for a child whose father is called up for military service or enrolled in an educational organization of professional military education.

In February, the amount of the lump-sum payment for the birth of a child will increase, it will amount to 23,011 thousand rubles. This measure of support is provided no later than 6 months from the date of birth of the baby. In addition, the monthly allowance for child care will increase by 12.4% and amount to 8,630 rubles. The amount of the payment may vary depending on the district coefficient.

Women who are on maternity leave will not stand aside either. This means that for a sick leave of 140 days, they will receive an increased allowance in the amount of 383,179 thousand rubles. The maximum benefit amount will be 530,976. The figure will depend on a number of reasons: the duration of the sick leave, the presence of complications or multiple pregnancy.

Pregnant women and single parents will be able to receive benefits based on property and income from the new year. The amount will be half the living wage per child.

In the spring, Russians are waiting for an increase in the size of social and state pensions by 3.3%.

Previously, the network edition “Teacher’s Newspaper” in detail told about the changes that await the Russians in the new year. Raising the minimum wage, providing medicines for children with special diseases, free hospitalization of disabled children with their parents, and much more.