Ilya Durnenkov was congratulated on his birthday in the Mikhailovsky district

On August 3, Ilya Ivanovich turned 99 years old. The head of the regional administration Yevgeny Sidorov and the chairman of the regional council of veterans Vladislav Moskvitin came to congratulate the veteran on his birthday.

Yevgeny Sidorov presented the front-line soldier with flowers and gifts, thanked him for the Great Victory and wished him good health, kindness and peace.

“Happy birthday to you, Ilya Ivanovich! With all my heart I wish you health, kindness and happiness. Thank you for our peaceful sky.”

Vladislav Moskvitin also warmly congratulated the veteran and wished him good health.

Ilya Ivanovich heartily thanked the guests:

“Thank you for your attention, for coming to visit and congratulate. I wish you live as long a life as I do. And to the very last days to be on your feet. May there never be war, need and grief in your life. I don’t want people to live badly, let everyone live well.”

Ilya Ivanovich told about himself:

“I come from the village of Obolenki in the Mikhailovsky district. Served in Ukraine, Krasny Lyman station. I took part in the battles there, where I was wounded. He was in a hospital in Baku, recovered – and returned to the front. Came to the North Caucasus. He was a mountaineer, climbed mountains, climbed mountains very fast. I was awarded a medal, we took Elbrus. There I received a severe wound in both legs, after which I was discharged.

He returned to his native village. After the war he worked on a collective farm. He was a tractor driver: he plowed, sowed, cultivated. Did all the work. I am an agricultural worker. Such pride! I am human!”