Today, November 23, during a rocket attack on Ukraine by the terrorist country Russia, several rockets hit residential buildings and critical infrastructure facilities in the Kyiv region. This was reported in Telegram Head of OVA Aleksey Kuleba.

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“Several arrivals at critical infrastructure facilities. Also hitting high-rise buildings in Vyshgorod and the private sector in Chabany,” Kuleba wrote.

According to the head of the OVA, there are more than 20 victims in the region, one person died.

“The Kyiv region is completely de-energized. There is also partly no heating and water supply,” Kuleba wrote.

He said that “Points of indestructibility” are being deployed in the region, in which there is heat, communication and alternative food.

Information about the addresses of points – on the websites of district councils and local governments.

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Natalia Medvedeva

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