In the Kherson region they reported the sinking of a boat with a landing force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Governor of Kherson region Vladimir Saldo stated in Telegram-channel that Russian military groups “Dnepr” sank a boat with a landing party of the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU), attacked landing sites on the left bank of the Dnieper, as well as positions on the right bank.

“The artillerymen destroyed or destroyed three temporary deployment points, two observation posts, two warehouses, a mortar, and sank a boat with landing troops,” the head of the region specified.

Saldo added that Lancet and FPV drone operators hit four vehicles, three boats, three communications antennas, two dugouts and a generator.

According to him, aviation also struck military installations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the right bank of the Dnieper, the losses of the opposite side amounted to up to 60 people.

Saldo noted that the Ukrainian military is trying to transport troops and cargo near Krynki, conducting aerial reconnaissance using drones, Russian soldiers remain vigilant and are ready to stop attempts to intensify.

January 22, the head of the Kherson region reported about the serious failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They tried to increase the supply of personnel and cargo to the left bank of the Dnieper, but ran into increased fire from all types of weapons and suffered particularly heavy losses.

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