In the footsteps of Jack the Ripper
| photo: Dobrovsky books

Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth is the daughter of a venerable ticklish and thus offers a life in wealth and many other benefits. Under the guise of social adolescents and the purchase of luxury, the bag leads a secret kind of life.

Despite his father and his audible company, Audrey often escapes to his uncle’s lab, where he works on the forensic study of forensic sciences. When she works on the bodies of a brutally treacherous woman, she throws herself into the search for a Sri Lankan murderer, she is driven by her desire to find the answer to the very edge of the golden cage.

The enchanting twists, amplified by photographs from gloomy times, become a matter of course for you. On the skin, it springs, the blood in the face hardens, and so it unexpectedly peaks.

Kerri Maniscalco, the author of the horror novel, who grew up in a house in the suburbs of New York, was a bit awkward in her. Her fascination with the Gothic environment began here. The book In the Footsteps of Jack the Ripper ranked first in the New York Times bestseller.

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