December 16, 2022, 16:36 – Public News Service – OSN

in rivalry USA and RussiaIt turns out that the key point is the British position in the policy of the United States. Without it, the two countries could stop fighting each other. About it declared State Duma Deputy Oleg Matveychev in an interview with FAN.

Now there is, rather, not a struggle between Russia and the United States, but a rivalry between the Russian Federation and England, which has been going on for more than one century, the parliamentarian said. It’s just that America once “completely wrong and stupid” borrowed from the Kingdom the main approaches to politics, which are fundamentally different from Russian principles.

England is a small island, which in terms of its resources will never be compared with the big Eurasia. Under such conditions, the only way to maintain rivalry is to quarrel countries among themselves.

“That is, to sow national strife, religious strife, interclass struggle <…> In general, any struggle that can only be sown. Therefore, for them, war is life. For us, life is peace. Therefore, existentially, we will never get along, ”said Matveychev.

At the same time, he admitted that if it were not for England, Russia and the United States could cease to compete. America at the same time needs to give up the idea of ​​constantly claiming world domination and then the two states will coexist peacefully.

The United States, in an effort to win world leadership, crushed the European Union, which allowed it to wipe its feet. Read more about this in material Public news service.