A teenager was injured in an evening accident at a traffic light in Novomichurinsk

On July 28, at 22.30, an accident involving a teenager occurred in Novomichurinsk. The 14-year-old driver of the Moto Land scooter ran a red light at the intersection of Smiryagin and Energetikov avenues. The scooter collided with a Chevrolet Cruze.

A retired woman, the driver of a foreign car, was not injured. A teenager with bodily injuries went to the emergency room of the Novomichurinsk Interdistrict Hospital. Help was provided to the boy, he was not hospitalized.

The consequences could be more serious, the police never tire of convincing adults not to buy dangerous toys for children such as scooters and mopeds. Parents of a teenager are threatened with a fine, a teenager – registration for preventive registration in the commission on minors’ affairs.