From assembly to brain. Such is the full government for the Czech Republic. As a result, there is an apartment of student students, among them the field of cutting-smoked, due to which the traditional Czech craft is slowly disappearing.

Czech Republic errors and five thousand cuts, estimates experts. At present, there are not even thousands of processors of other products with a change in the cutting profession.

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craft above the water dr especially families who enjoy the cutting tradition of the pedigree from generation to generation. The opportunity to use the cut offers twenty-five laps in the Czech Republic, the interest will decline in the long run.

The only new wave of students with the knowledge of butchery will save me the extinct field. whether to choose bicycles according to the possibilities of future employment, which private companies offer them while studying.

Practice for one from the first round. Companies thus strengthen their loyalty

We have the opportunity to carry out paid professional training from the first round on most of the work of the company Maso Uzeniny Polika. Every second week they have the first year of practice six hours, the second and then the same seven hours a day, to Lubor Havlk, head of the professional training at Secondary professional round and medium professional use of Polika. He adds that cooperation with the largest domestic beef processor has brought a growing student.

Employers in the cutting industry are trying to bring a new wave of cutting to the constantly improving working conditions of their employees and above-standard benefits.

Our company offers them subsidized lunches, motivated payments, tinct salary, supplementary pension and other benefits. For some of us we also have hostels, say the personal director of MU Polika Markta Uttendorfsk.

New cuttings are small, the tradition dies in the village

Newly used cutters cannot cut current demand. The whole field of meat processing is drevmm generace dnench tyictnk. Continuation of automation, pemt Kopal from Maso-Profit, plays a role. As soon as this generation leaves, quite a bit of tradition will leave.

The situation in the villages has changed dramatically in the last few years. the enemy died here too.

The people at home do not have pigs at home in the backyard and gave invites. Two of them were practically everyone at home and the cutter was popular, remembered master and teacher from St nad Labem Jan Mlek, who runs the Master Mlek cutting channel on the YouTube platform.

Take a look at how Jan Mlek shows the example tramp harness house:

It was originally used for the needs of its students, who lost experience in the sweats of the covid-19 pandemic. Kanl bag quickly gained in popularity and began to watch the public.

At the time of the lockdown, Petr Tvrtnek, who became involved in domestic self-employment and usage, came to the field, and dreams of raising awareness of this craft.