In the Chuchkovsky district celebrated the day of the village Avangard

On July 30, the day of the Avangard village was celebrated in the Chuchkovsky district. On the square in front of the Avangard rural House of Culture, a holiday “I live here and this region is dear to me” was held.

Residents received congratulations from the deputy head of the administration of the Chuchkovsky district, Maxim Kopeikin. He awarded a married couple – Valentina and Viktor Dyukov, who had been married for 53 years. By the way, such an anniversary is called uranium.

Gratitude and memorable souvenirs for helping the village were presented to the chief engineer of Oka Moloko LLC Mikhail Maloman and turner Nikolai Churakov. They also thanked the head Stanislav Blotsky for participating in the public life of the village.

The head of the Unkosovsky rural settlement Viktor Zameshaev congratulated the residents and guests of the village. Awarded a diploma to an individual entrepreneur, sponsor of the festive program Tamara Churakova.

Vanguards were congratulated by the deputy of the regional Duma Gennady Moskin and thanked all the participants of the amateur performances. Certificates and gifts were handed over to a local resident Nadezhda Kruglova for many years of performances in amateur performances. They were also presented to Dmitry Martynov, an invited artist from military unit No. 3651.

Applause received local artists: Tatyana Kiselyova, Gennady Moskina, Olga and Yuri Zimnukhov, Elena Kulakova, Svetlana Khodzhaeva, Olga Guskova, Dmitry Martynov, Tatyana and Evangelina Ilyushin, Nadezhda Kruglova.

Until very late in the evening, music sounded in the center of the village. The concert program was replaced by a disco.