Today, May 13, in Taganrog, water supply is limited on some streets of the city. MUE “Management” Vodokanal “reports about the repair work.

Public utility specialists are repairing a leak on Sergei Shilo Street, 257/1. In this regard, water supply will be carried out under reduced pressure to houses located on Chekhov, Chuchev, Syzranov and Shilo streets. Approximately until 16:00.

Repair work is underway at 17 Novy Lane, 3. Therefore, water is supplied at reduced pressure in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNovy 17 Lane. Approximately until 16:00.

We previously reported that on May 13 there will be no light on six streets of Taganrog.

Photo by Sergey Plishenko