Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg proposed to increase fines for citizens who do not clean up after their pets on the streets. About it reported Denis Chetyrbok, one of the bill’s authors, is a United Russia deputy on social media.

What did the deputies suggest? Now the fine is 500 rubles. If the bill is passed, then the amount of the payment will increase six times – St. Petersburg residents will have to pay up to 3 thousand rubles. The punishment will not apply to owners walking their dogs in the wrong places.

In addition, pet owners will also clean up after their pets in the front doors and on the stairs in apartment buildings, Fontanka noted, citing Chetyrbok.

The fine will threaten the owners of not only dogs, but also other animals. Horse owners also fall under the new bill.

Why did the deputies introduce the bill. According to Chetyrbok, the fine for pet owners who do not clean up after their pets was established back in 2010.

Because of the small size of the fine, Petersburgers ignore the law and do not clean up after the animals, the deputy concludes.

What you need to know. In November, members of the Legislative Assembly suggested regulate also the rules for keeping pets in St. Petersburg. Then Chetyrbok said that it is necessary to define clear rules for walking dogs and prohibit the creation of kennels in apartment buildings.

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