DK “Vyborgsky” announced the postponement of the performance of Leah Akhedzhakova, which was supposed to take place in early January. Previously, the artist was hounded in Z-channels, but she herself does not see the connection.

The play “My grandson Benjamin” was supposed to take place in the Vyborgsky Palace of Culture on the evening of January 4th. December 30 in DK reportedthat the show has been rescheduled. The institution will announce a new date later, but now they are refunding tickets at full cost.

In Z-channels, they attributed the “merit” to themselves. “Our congratulations, fighters,” with such a signature accompanies news about the closure of ticket sales “Cyber ​​Front Z”. “Officially, the cancellation has not yet been announced, but this is a matter of technique,” writes in his telegram channel, RT journalist Konstantin Prydybaylo, at the same time calling the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation a “Russophobic grandmother.”

The channel “Pravka Shchitov Z”, probably owned by one of the organizers of the persecution, Moscow City Duma deputy Kirill Shchitov, directly named the postponement of the performance is “a small victory for our society.” In his opinion, this “victory” means the formation of a “qualitatively new and real civil society” in Russia. “Victory is being forged both on the front line and on the humanitarian and information front. This is how we win,” he writes.

Liya Akhedzhakova, in turn, stated publication “Rise” that on January 4, work will be carried out in the Palace of Culture from 12 to 24 hours – a notification about this, according to her, was sent from Lenenergo. With this she connected the transfer. “What kind of censorship can there be? A play that has been played all over the country for five or six years. No, there was no censorship here, ”she is sure.

“Paper” drew attention to the fact that on January 4 in the recreation center “Vyborgsky” planned also the performance of the play “There are never too many husbands” – and it was also postponed indefinitely. There are no transfers to other dates in early January.

The Vyborgsky Palace of Culture did not comment on the reasons for the transfer.

Liya Akhedzhakova has repeatedly spoken out against the war in Ukraine. After the invasion of Ukraine, she gave an interview to Katerina Gordeeva, where statedthat artists “should open their mouths in defense of Ukraine.” Ukrainian channel ICTV actress saidthat lives “in an empire of lies”.

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