Residents of St. Petersburg discovered a shepherd dog that survived after being euthanized. About it reported in the public shelter “Polyanka”.

What happened to the dog. As the volunteers found out, the owner of a nine-year-old sheepdog named Caesar decided to euthanize and cremate the dog after he began to get sick. To do this, the man called private veterinarians home.

As the employees of the Polyanka shelter later suggested, the veterinarian who was supposed to euthanize the dog could have injected too little poison or limited himself to anesthesia. He also did not cremate the dog and allegedly dumped him on the street.

Later, residents of St. Petersburg found Caesar on the Red Dawn Boulevard on December 12. According to them, the sheepdog was moving slowly, and there was a snowstorm outside. Petersburgers called volunteers from Polyanka, who took the dog to the veterinarians the next day.

Shelter “Polyanka”

During the examination, the doctor found a chip in Caesar, thanks to which he was registered in the clinic of the Kurortny district. The shelter staff contacted the owner through the police. In a telephone conversation, the man said that his dog died on Sunday, December 11.

Outcome. Caesar’s well-being improved thanks to care and medication. The shepherd will need to be treated for a skin infection, urolithiasis and cystitis, according to the shelter staff. Whether the dog will remain in Polyanka or whether it will be handed over to the owner is unknown.

What you need to know. In November, St. Petersburg veterinarians rescued an Alabai dog that bit 7 people and was shot by a policeman. The dog escaped from the apartment of the owner, who was detained by the police.

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