Lately, a cartoon about the two Colombian artists has been going viral. Shakira and Carol G.where the intention is very clear, ridicule them.

Since the cartoon has been taken to perform memesnot only for the fans and haters of the artists, but by the Spanish entertainment media, who always seek to create new controversies in the Iberian country. But this has not been entirely well seen, since many followers of both performers of the last song together ‘TQG‘ have responded negatively to this attempt to ridicule their latest successful release.

It is no secret to anyone that in Spain, Shakira has numerous fans who love and support her, but there are also many who try to create hate on the internet against the artist, including soccer fans, who defend the former defender at all costs. FC Barcelona, Gerard Piqué.

The cartoon, which has been going viral on social networks, deals with a graphic representation of one of the scenes of the music video, where both artists are shown kneeling to proceed to dance. provocative and sensualtaking this scene to create the mockery, “Carme, my knees are bare shht!”, This and other descriptions have been given to the controversial cartoon.