They were promised to be registered in service apartments, but in the end they were simply told to move out.

Resident of the house on Domostroitelnaya Street and veteran of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander tellsthat in 2003, in the Solntsevo police department, he, like many other police officers from the regions, was invited to transfer to this department, promising to give out an apartment. According to the head of the department, after a year of service, the apartment was to be transferred to Alexander in perpetual social rent. However, in reality, the police leadership collected documents for several years, but did not even give their employees a residence permit (although they regularly paid utility bills all these years).

Already in 2007, the court got the first case of “self-occupation” of apartments, but then they refused to consider it. Then the Ministry of Internal Affairs transferred the conflict house to the Department of City Property, and in 2012, the staff of the council told retired police officers (some of whom received disabilities during their service) that they were illegally occupying housing and demanded to move out.

Then the situation escalated even more. So, in 2016, unknown people replaced the locks in Alexander’s apartment while no one was at home. And recently, the armed Chopovites even tried to expel his underage daughter from the apartment (the girl was at home alone).

The Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to help their veterans. However, history reached to the Investigative Committee and personally to its chairman Alexander Bastrykin, so the department has already promised to help former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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