Over the years, Sobtuchy in the Chrudim region has been trying to bring in a somewhat vast construction of the new district. Recently, the rough construction of a house with a flat roof without a building permit has grown here. The village does not want to laugh at the darkness.

A number of local people pointed out the black construction. Follow their new Sobtuch regulations, they all have saddle roofs. And next to them there is a house that has a flat surface.

It is a building without permits, which is not in accordance with the ground filling documentation, said Mayor Sobtuch Ji Sokol.

The Chrudim construction site carried out an inspection here at the end of April. At its warehouse, the issuer called for the cessation of construction work, said the press spokesman of the Municipal Council in Chrudim Ale Prokopec. He added that last week he sent out a notice of the start of removal of the building. It will be launched as soon as the 15-day objection period expires.

The owner of the land, on which the building stands, did not want to comment on the downfall.

Sobtuchy with a thousand inhabitants is experiencing a big construction boom. If there were 153 houses here in 2002, according to the people, there are now three hundred of them. For those who can afford the land in the village, it is a great location. It is two minutes by car to Chrudim, only a few kilometers to Chrudim Gymnasium.

The village demands saddle roofs

The new villa fortress offers an architectural glory. The municipality regulates the construction, however, two construction workers have a very free hand. The ground floor only requires that the new houses respect the rural character of the construction. This is defined as buildings with one floor above ground, with a saddle roof with a slope of 35 and 45 degrees. Only a hundred villages have passed and it is clear that even some builders have not complied with this principle.

On the other hand, the black building grew up in the Sobtuch department on the road to Chrudim, where the owner of about two new buildings was taking the ground.

The owners of the construction site could theoretically worry that the construction site above the house would be destroyed. However, they have the opportunity to apply for an additional construction permit. When the requirements of the construction company are met and there will be a reversal that the house respects the ground, succeed. The rest and the most famous black building in the country, the villa which Milo Holeek built in Pardubice black and in contradiction with the land register, even after strong public protests was finally legalized.

The argument for permitted construction in Sobtuch has been offered in a number of houses with flat roofs in some cases in the past, why shouldn’t they do so in this case in the end?

Sobtuchy, however, rejects such a procedure, with the proviso that the rules for builders in the village would not be taken by anyone. If the building should be legalized, the municipality will appeal to the regional council. That would be a precedent, Sokol said.

In at least one case in 2011, the municipality protested against the fact that the Chrudim building allowed a flat-roofed house in violation of the ground. The municipality appealed to the county council, which found it to be right, and the building council vc. But then nothing happened at all. The construction company issued a new decision, in which he basically just wrote that the truth and the community did not. Sobtuchy gave up the dispute and did not appeal. Dm with a flat roof grew up here. He is very successful architecturally. There are many accidents between the surrounding houses.